Carmen Selles Prieto, Mayoress Town Hall of Hondon de las Nieves (Alicante)

Due to the rapid spread of Covid-19, caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV2, having been declared a pandemia by the World Health Organisation, urgent measures in Spain have been necessary to deal with this virus, declaring a state of alarm which was prolonged till 7th June, 2020 but extended till 21st June.

It is not foreseen that this situation is under control yet, neither can it be foreseen when the restrictions will be completely removed. It is also not possible to foresee when events will be allowed where crowds of people gather together where a new outbreak of the virus could occur which would impede the progress in controlling the virus Covid-19.

According to article 21.1 of the Law 7/1985 of 2nd April, the Mayor or Mayoress has the power to: “Adopt personally and under his/her responsibility, in case of catastrophe or public disasters or great risks, the necessary and appropriate measures to be reported in the Plenary Meeting.”

As our fiestas are scheduled for August this year, these are very likely to be affected in a serious way by measures in place by the Central Government. It is our responsibility to protect our citizens.


FIRST. It has been decided to suspend the fiestas for Hondón de las Nieves scheduled for the year 2020 while this pandemic situation persists and could be dangerous for people’s health.

This decision is not detrimental to decisions and regulations undertaken by the National Government as well as the Valencian Community Government. These authorities could allow mass gatherings without danger to health in which case and with prior modification to the regulations, the possibility to reactivate these fiestas will be studied and at an appropriate time a decision will be announced by the Town Hall.

SECOND. To publish the decision in the Town Hall web site, social media and notice boards for general information for the public.

Signed by the Mayoress of Hondon de las Nieves 1 June 2020