In view of the situation regarding the reinforced containment against the spread of COVID 19 Coronavirus and aiming to prioritize above everything else the health of the residents.

Applying the criteria established by the Ministerio de Sanidad y la Conselleria de Sanidad. (Ministry of Health) aiming to combat the expansion of the Corona Virus in our village,

The Town Halls in the Valencia region have taken new measures to prevent consequences from the epidemic. The object of these preventive measures is to avoid and limit the transmission of the virus COVID 19, to prevent viral infection and in to protect public employees and the general public.

The new preventive measures have been taken FOR A DURATION OF FIFTEEN DAYS which could be reduced according to the circumstances, and measures in place could be ADDED TO by the resolution of 12 March 2020.

  1. Closure of municipal installations: Centro Social, Municipal crèche, Aula de Cultura.
  2. The Municipal library will remain shut.
  3. Suspend the service to the public at the Town Hall. Communication must be by electronic means (town hall webpage, e-mails, telephone etc)

For communication by e-mail: or phone 965480201.

If the matter is urgent and not possible to postpone and a personal appointment is needed, first it is necessary to contact the Town Hall by e-mail or by phone explaining the urgency, then an appointment in person woudl be possible.

Likewise, we reiterate the measures recommended by the WHO.

  • Wash your hands with soap frequently.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or with a disposable handkerchief when you sneeze.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Keep a social distance with other people especially with those who cough, sneeze or have temperature, avoiding as much as possible being in crowded places.
  • If you have a temperature, cough and difficulty in breathing, ring 900 300 555 for medical help.

The Town Hall of Hondón de las Nieves will keep updating you with the information that we are given. All these measures are preventive and I would like to stress the importance of keeping calm and to continue with your routines and habits –as far as we can.

Hondon de las Nieves, 13 March 2020

Camen Sellés Prieto,

The Mayoress